Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Movie Marathons

I was thinking the other day about how disappointing it will be when the World Cup comes to an end and my days are no longer filled with scores, stats and soccer. What will my friends and I do on weekends when we can't gather together in local bars to scream at ESPN? How will I procrastinate from getting any real work done?

The horror.

Fortunately, as we sat together last weekend killing time between the Argentina/Iran and Germany/Ghana games, we came up a few movie marathons we'd woefully neglected, and made plans to get started once a soccer world champion had been crowned.

Yes, yes. I know. Crisis averted.

We made some lists and, as the group historian, I carefully recorded them on my phone for future reference. But seeing as it's Monday and I've finished watching all today's games, I thought I might get a jump start on some of these categories and list out some of the best movies of each genre. Starting with . . .



  1. That's a good selection! I still want to do a LOTR marathon. Extended editions will take at least eleven hours.
    Can't believe we have to wait until Thursday for the USA to play again.

  2. Awesome list! Although I'd replace Screamers with Wall-E or Iron Giant even though they're not scary. I'd even rather watch Robocop than Screamers. The others are great though!

  3. That Robots/Machines marathon is brilliant. A forgotten movie from the 80s is Heartbeeps with Andy Kaufman. Look it up. It might be worth watching.