Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Blog Awards

My blogging buddy Michael Abayomi (whose blog, if you haven’t checked it out before, it really amazing – check it out here) has gifted me with the 7x7 Link Award. Thanks so much Michael! It always feels so wonderful to receive an award from a blogger you respect and whose blog you enjoy reading. The rules for this award state that I need to list (and link) existing blog posts I’ve written that fall into the following seven categories. So here goes:

Most Beautiful Piece

Most Helpful Piece

Most Popular Piece

Most Controversial Piece

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece

Most Underrated Piece

Most Pride-Worthy Piece
Of everything I've written on my blog, I take the greatest pride in my Sci-Fi from A to Z series (part of the Blogging from A Through Z Challenge hosted this past April). Many of those 26 pieces focused not only on science fiction books, movies and television shows, but on the serious questions the genre poses. Particularly, what does it mean to be human? Because so many of them were written as part of a series, I'm having a hard time picking which one in particular I find the most pride worthy. I hope you'll forgive me for picking three . . .

I hope you enjoy these posts! And here are a few blogs I’d like to pass this award on to:
Julie Tuovi at From Pen to Paper
Andrew Leon at Strange Pegs
Rusty Webb at The Blutonian Death Egg
Joshua at Vive Le Nerd
Danielle B. at Entertaining Interests
Kaye Draper at Write Me

And a special thanks to Kaye Draper for also awarding me with another Liebster Award!


  1. Your A to Z posts were great! And no controversy - Ninjas beat pirates every time.

  2. S. L Hennessy loves " dark in the soul".
    Does that include " GRAVE YARD CARNIVAL" with GYCART - CONNICAR?
    S. L. Hennessy loves " BEDGOSTS- OSIRIS" and all those " SOUL PANCAKES".
    And so does " PENSUASION".
    Because " PENSUASION" is with AL PENWASSER- " SS" - mob WASHINGTON.
    And what they say is that SNOW PENNY - NYE- is in NYSSE with " SHURE" who " happens to be the " GIFT" of
    And that's your " COMSTUL MEESE" - " ORGICO- RICK- GUY" & just tons of " DEPLAND" with pedophile " STAROX 10-3".
    KANSAS KINGS is going to be one helluva movie with your help and deletion of your name, or not.
    Cause they got it all from ZETAS- IRA- PLO.
    Going after the QUEEN.

  3. Hey! You picked me to win? Cool. I loved your A-Z posts. They were generally one of the blogs I looked most forward to reading every day. You deserve to be proud.

  4. YAY!!! BLOG AWARDS!!!

    [happy dance!!]

    Thanks, dearest!

  5. Hey Blogging Buddy. ;)

    Thanks for the shout out and kind words too. I'm glad you're back to your blogging duties. I really missed reading your posts during your trip to Spain. :(

    P.S: Your blog is definitely one of my favorites, as I'm sure you already know. So keep up the good work I guess. :)

    P.P.S: You've got some truly inspirational posts in your archive. Thanks for linking to them. :D

  6. Congrats on the award! I love looking back through people's older posts; you find some great hidden gems there.

  7. Ninjas are constantly vigilante. Pirates are more fun. What's the controversy?

    Thanks for the tag. I might actually do this one, but you'll have to keep reminding me until I do it. ;o)

  8. Stopping by to let you know I have an award for you on my blog.

  9. Congrats S.L! Michael has a sweet blog too, but you deserve this award. That was an under-rated post!

  10. Congrats! Loved those posts too! :)

  11. Congratulations on the awards!

    Your A-Z Challenge posts were awesome.

  12. Hands down you rocked the A-Z Challenge. Loved reading everyone of your posts.

    Thanks for the award too.

  13. Haha - of course the Fifth Element and Firefly is your most popular post. What's not to love?!

  14. Hey, wow, thanks!
    I did this one not all that long ago, but it was before a to z, so, maybe, I'll look at posting this one again since you're passing it along to me.

    If I wasn't trying to catch up on things from being out of town, I'd go read all the posts you linked that I haven't already read, but that will have to wait for another time.