Sunday, April 29, 2012

Z is for Zombies from A to Z

I'm sad to say that this is the end of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Though undoubtedly half the bloggers still participating will choose this exact same topic, I've decided to post on one of today's most popular subjects – zombies. But since this is the final post, and I have a few too many zombie-related favorites, I've decided to do something special.  Something . . . alphabetic.   So for the last and final time, z is for:

Zombies from A to Z

is for Apocalypse:
The Zombie Apocalypse. We all know it's coming. It's my hope that by studying all the following movies, books, TV shows, games and comic books, I'll be prepared. 

B is for Max Brooks:
Max Brooks is the author of two of my favorite zombie books - The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Stay tuned, because both are headed for the big screen.

C is for the Center for Disease Control (CDC):
On May 16, 2011, the Center for Disease Control blog issued a warning about zombie apocalypses, advocating preparedness. In reality, it was a clever way to promote readiness for any potential disasters including the upcoming hurricane season), but the post became an instant hit zombie fans nation-wide. CDC representative Dave Daigle reportedly announced, "If you prepare for the zombie apocalypse, you'll be prepared for any hazard." Congrats to the CDC for having their priorities straight. If you're worried that you aren't prepared, check out the the site here

D is for Dawn of the Dead:
Dawn of the Dead is the 1978 George A. Romero film featuring several survivors of a zombie pandemic who've barricaded themselves in an abandoned shopping mall. There was a 2004 Zack Snyder remake, also entitled Dawn of the Dead. It does not make my favorites list. 

E is for Eat Me!:
Eat Me! is an independent film released in 2009 about a band who unwittingly survives the world's transformation into a zombie apocalypse, and then must battle their way out of the city. I think the tag line really says it all: "Sometimes you get the munchies. Sometimes they get you."

F is for Frankenstein:
I've been told, repeatedly, that Frankenstein doesn't count as a zombie novel. But hey, it's about a reanimated corpse (or, uh, corpses), so I say it counts. Plus, I wanted to mention it for my "F" post and didn't get a chance. We'll just call this one zombie-adjacent. 

G is for Glee: 
Though I've stopped watching Glee (it got a bit to dramatic for my taste), I occasionally tune in to interesting-looking episodes. And the zombie episode following the 2011 Super Bowl was definitely interesting. Great costumes. Great music selection. If you haven't checked out their mash-up of "Thriller" and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Heads Will Role", I'd recommend it.

H is for Horde:
Geese come in gaggles, birds come in flocks, and zombies . . . come in hordes. And if you see one coming at you, RUN. 

I is for Inferi:
Harry Potter fans, this one's for you. Basically, the Inferi are corpses that have been re-animated by a dark witch or wizard to do their bidding. They are the zombie-esque creatures guarding Voldemort's locket horcrux in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The only defense against them is fire and/or light. 

J is for Milla Jovovich: 
Milla Jovovich famously portrays Alice, the zombie-hunting hero of the Resident Evil franchise. Though Alice isn't a member of the game series, she more than makes up for it in each of the four (soon to be five) films. 

K is for Stephen King:
One of my favorite titans of terror, Stephen King's "Home Delivery" was one the short stories featured in the 1989 anthology, Book of the Dead (said to be the very first zombie-related anothology). As usual, King delivers a tale dark and gory. 

L is for H. P. Lovecraft:
H. P. Lovecraft is another of my favorite horrors authors, and a master of the undead. His 1921 novelette, "Herbert West - Reanimator" is said to have defined zombies in popular culture. Inspired by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (yet another reason her masterpiece made this list), Herbert West is a mad scientist who practices at reanimating dead bodies, unfortunately, into uncontrollable, violent beings

M is for Marvel Zombies: 
Marvel Zombies is a five-issue series of comic books published from 2005 to 2006. It features several famous Marvel superheroes, including Iron Man, The Fantastic Four and Captain America, who've all been turned into zombies. It's fantastic. Check out the cover:

N is for Night of the Living Dead: 
Night of the Living Dead is the 1968 film directed by George A. Romero. It is the mac daddy of zombie movies. The progenitor of it's kind, the founding father of the zombie horror film genre. It redefined the term "zombie" to its present day meaning, aka. reanimated, cannibalistic corpse. It lead to countless sequels and remakes, but none can ever touch this cult classic. 

O is for On Stranger Tides: 
The fourth installment in the Pirates if the Caribbean franchise, On Stranger Tides boasts a number of seafaring zombies, all brought to life by the infamous and terrifying Blackbeard. 

P is for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:
I'll admit it, I bought this book for the title alone. It combines two of my favorite things  Jane Austen and zombies. Who would have thought the Bennett sisters would make such a good zombie-killing team? I'm looking forward to the future film adaptation.

Q is for Quarantine:
Quarantine is the 2008 zombie film about a reporter and camera man trapped in a building that's been quarantined by the CDC. Not the best movie I've ever seen, but I did like the ending. 

R is for Resident Evil and the Redfields:
I already mentioned the Resident Evil film franchise under "J", but the game is, if possible, even better. And brother and sister team, Claire and Chris Redfield, are my favorite characters. 

S is for Shaun of the Dead:
Shaun of the Dead is one of the few light-hearted zombie films, as well as one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. You just gotta love Simon Pegg. 

T is for Thriller: 
Finally, we get to "T" and my personal favorite of this list. Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video is one of the most recognizable and remembered music videos of all time. It's not only a terrific song, but comes with a great dance as well. Check it out: 

U is for the Umbrella Corporation:
The Umbrella Corporation is an international pharmaceutical company from Resident Evil, responsible for the development of the T-virus, a powerful drug responsible for the creation of a zombie epidemic. 

V is for Virus: 
There are many theories surrounding the creation of zombies. Magical interference, like the Inferi in Harry Potter, is one. Viruses are another. Like the T-Virus. Or the "Rage" virus from 28 Days Later. With modern biological experimentation, I vote virus. 

W is for The Walking Dead:
The Walking Dead is a comic book series created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. It follows Rick Grimes and several other survivors of a zombie apocalypse as they make their way through a grim world populated by flesh-hungry zombies, and even more dangerous human beings. The comic books spawned an AMC television series of the same name. It's great, but seriously dark. 

X is for Xombies: 
Written by Walter Greatshell, the Xombies series centers around a world where the Agent X virus has turned most of the world into mindless zombies. I haven't read any of Greatshell's novels yet, but they're next up on my to-read list. 

Y is for Yikes! Zombies! Hide!:
I'd never heard of this game before I frantically began researching for something to put under the letter "Y". But I watched a few YouTube videos and it looks hilarious. From what I can tell, the basic premise involves digging in the ground to hide from zombies. Somehow . . . these zombies just don't seem so terrifying. Here, see what you think:

Z is for Zombieland:
Zombieland is possibly my favorite zombie film. It's comedic, a nerd who saves the day, and it has a zombie clown, which is doubly terrifying. Not to mention, the "rules". Forget the CDC's list.  These are the rules to live by if you want to survive a zombie apocalypse. Though it's not a complete list, here's what we've got:

1. Cardio
2. Double Tap
3. Beware of Bathrooms
4. Seatbelts 
6. Cast Iron Skillet
7. Travel Light
8. Get a kick-ass partner
12. Bounty Paper towles
15. Bowling ball
17. Don't be a hero
18. Limber up
21. Avoid strip clubs
22. When in doubt, know your way out
29. The buddy system
31. Check the back seat
32. Enjoy the little things
33. Swiss army knife
34. Clean socks
48. Hygiene 
49. Always have backup 

Well, that's all. I hope you enjoyed the A-Z of zombies. Thank you so much for all your interest and comments. This has been a great challenge and I can't wait to do it all over again next year. Happy A through Z blogging!


  1. Impressive! finished A-Z with an A-Z!
    I really enjoyed your A-Z this month, congrats on making it through and thanks for the thought provoking.

  2. Wow. I can't believe it's over. I really had fun reading your posts, even the ones from before I found your blog. And what a perfect way for us to end the A-Z Challenge. With zombies. :D

    I don't think I could've come up with a better A-Z of Zombies if I tried. The only thing missing is P for Plants vs. Zombies, my all-time favorite zombie-themed video game.

    Looking forward to reading your posts in the future. And here's my Zombieland review:

  3. WOW..what a great post to finish the challenge. THis is great way to finish the challenge an A-z for Zombies. I learned so much in your challenge theme..great work.

  4. Wow. That was so... cool. The A-Z of Z. I don't particularly like zombies, but I must admit that the best monster movies AND books I've read in the past two years were zombie related. Feed, by Mira Grant was awesome, as was Raising Stoney Mayhall, by Daryl Gregory. It is sad that it's all over. Your posts were great this month though.

  5. There is so much awesomeness in this post that I don't even know where to begin!

    I will say--and don't think lesser of me--but I liked the 2004 DAWN OF THE DEAD, mostly because of the casting choices. Not for Sarah Polley, but for Ving Rhames and Jake Weber. And the cameo by Tom Savini. And the jazzy version of "Down with the Sickness." Plus, that little girl biting Sarah Polley's husband's neck open at the beginning. Also, stay through the credits. WORTH IT!!!

    1. Hey, I enjoyed the remake as well. It was fun, and certainly creepy. But I had to prioritize here. I already mentioned 26 favorites in this one post. People are going to think there's nothing I don't consider a favorite.

      P.S. The best movie fest I ever had started with the original Dawn of the Dead, then moved onto the 2004 movie, and closed with Shaun of the Dead. I cringed, I laughed...and I didn't sleep for two days. Good times.

  6. A most excellent "Z" post! I'm in the process of reading Max Brooks. The CDC release is hilarious. Resident Evil the game & movies are some of my favs. LOVED Shawn of the Dead. And how can you go wrong with the walking dead! :)

  7. Almost forgot to tell you what an awesome job you did with this challenge. Your sci-fi knowledge is astounding. :)

  8. This was a great list - okay, any list that contains the TV show "The Walking Dead" is getting high marks from me. :) "Quarantine" scared me to death...and now I want to watch it again. :)

  9. You know I love this list. And where have I seen some of these before?! Love it!

  10. Amazing final post. I don't know how you came up with all those. My son would love this post, he's all about Zombie preparedness. It was great getting to know you a little through this challenge. You did a great job. See you around the blogosphere.

  11. Wow! What an ambitious final post! I love seeing Shaun of the Dead on so many blogs today— the film deserves it.

  12. Truly awesome A-Z of zombies! Congrats on finishing the challenge.

  13. Gah! You just used up your whole series for next year! What an awesome final post!
    But I still don't believe in zombies. Prepare for the cyborgs!

    1. I agree...unless you count the writer-zombie state I enter after a particularly gruesome deadline. But I'm definitely on the lookout for a cyborg invasion. It's coming. People never seem to believe me...

    2. It's okay. I think we'll all be lost in VR land by the time it happens, anyway. No one will ever know...

  14. *claps*

    Amazing! A to Z all in Zombies, love it!

    We did cross a little bit today. :)

  15. Love it! Who knew there were so many zombie flicks! :) It's been a fun challenge - and I've enjoyed your posts - looking forward to many more :)

  16. Laughing Ferret – Thanks for being such an awesome follower this challenge!

    Michael – What? Plants vs. Zombies! I’ve never heard of that before. I thought I knew of all things zombie. Guess I have some video game time coming my way.

    Rusty – I’ve been meaning to read Feed for a while. Guess it’s just moved to the top of my list now that you’re recommending it so highly. Thanks for all your wonderful comments this challenge!

    Mina – The Walking Dead is great. It totally creeps me out though, in an awesome way. And thank you very much! It’s been years and years of dedicated research.

    Madeline – Me too. That movie is designed to terrify.

    Danielle – Again, we both show our excellent and over-crossing taste!

    MJ – I know. I love a zombie movie that can make me laugh as well as screech.

    Cassie – I had too many favorites to pick!

    Jemi – Ditto!

  17. thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to pick up The Zombie Survival Guide :)

  18. Wow. Just wow. I believe this is the most epic A-to-Z post I have seen in my two years. Well done.

    I usually chooses originals over remakes, but I actually prefer the 2004 Dawn of the Dead. Probably because of the extra humor, possibly the pacing. And I didn't see Quarantine, but I saw the original Spanish film, [REC], and assuming the ending is the same... yeah, good stuff.

    Fantastic run, all the way through. I'd have stopped by more often, but for some reason your blog is blocked at work. I can only assume my employer is owned by some Umbrella Corporation. All I can do is stick to cardio, and make sure to double-tap with my cricket bat.

  19. This was brilliant! Well, all of your A-Z blogs were brilliant, but this was particularly brilliant. I was nervous you had left out 28 Days Later but no, you worked it in. And the CDC was a stroke of genius. I learned a lot reading Pensuasion in April, I'll be a frequent visitor in the future!

  20. Fantastic way to end the challenge! Your posts have all been great, but this one takes the cake. Congratulations on completion! :-)

  21. Oh my gosh! I think you covered every single Zombie!!
    I loved the idea behind:"If you prepare for the zombie apocalypse, you'll be prepared for any hazard." So funny, yet so true :)

  22. Hi - great posting, enjoyed that.

    I'm the author of the (not-so-scary) Yikes! Zombies! Hide! game you mention. Just thought you might like to know there's a follow-up game. It's also not-so-scary.

    It's called Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em and is available for Android phones and tablets. There's also a Flash version so you can play it on a PC.

    Android version:
    Flash version for PC's: