Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games

I hate to be predictable, but I’ve gotta do it. I simply have to write about . . .

Like everyone else in the world, I went to see The Hunger Games movie this weekend. And I have to say, I loved it. Not surprising since I consider the book the best thing I’ve read since Harry Potter. But still, I was relieved that the film didn’t let me down. However, several of the people (heretofore known as the “Haters”) who went with me didn’t feel the same. Which flat out shocked me.

How could they possibly not like something so clearly AMAZING? My guess is mental deficiency. Or perhaps they’re being paid off by Twilight fans. Regardless, I’d like to round up all these Haters and make THEM fight to the death.

But the one thing I couldn’t shake off were the Hater’s complaints that there were too many aspects within the movie that went unexplained. For example, the three-fingered salute the people of District 12 give Katniss after she’s taken her sister’s place in the Games. When I thought about it, I realized that they were right; it wasn’t ever explained. I would argue that the director assumed that a mature, rational audience would be capable of making the intuitive leap from salute to gesture of honor and support, with a hint of rebellion . . . but perhaps the director (and I) both assumed wrong.

The truth is, The Hunger Games – both movie and film – is an incredibly complex story. Suzanne Collins doesn’t baby her audience, and neither did the film’s director. Perhaps it’s a movie best enjoyed by those who have read the book, and therefore already understand the little nuances the director doesn’t take the time to explain. The movie is, after all, almost 2 ½ hour long . . . though for the record, I would have happily sat through several more hours.

So for all the Haters that argue the movie was too confusing, I would suggest that they just GO READ THE FIGGIN’ BOOK.

I guess that’s the moral of this story aka. blog post. Always, ALWAYS read the book before going to see the movie. No matter how independent the film is from the original text, it always yields more if you’ve read the book first.


  1. My wife and daughter went to see it too. My daughter was so worried that she wouldn't love it, that it would be too different from the book. She really did enjoy it though. I haven't had much time to disect it with her, as she's been away the rest of the weekend, but its four thumbs up from our household

  2. We loved the movie, for the most part. My husband objected to the opening sequence when Gale ruins Katniss's shot at the deer. I agree that made him seem unlikeable for no real reason I could see. If it happened like that in the book, I don't remember. And I wasn't crazy about some of the shaky camera shots, that made me dizzy. Other than those minor complaints ... I thought it was well done.

  3. I blogged about this today. I saw it as well and overall really liked it. There were some aspects that I didn't but that's always the case. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I thought the movie was surprisingly faithful to the book. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised since Suzanne Collins was one of the screenplay writers! I agree that the three fingered salute wasn't ever explained. But how exactly would they have done that without it sounding like "For the benefit of the viewers, this is why we're doing this..." I honestly didn't think it needed explanation. Whenever you see it done in the movie, I think it's obvious it's a sign of solidarity and rebellion. I'm surprised there are people that didn't pick up on that. *sigh!* And I think Jennifer Lawrence totally nailed Katniss. Very believable.

    One of the best movie adaptations I've seen in a long time.

  5. I haven't had a chance to see it and I'm dying here! But I told someone the other they cannot see it without reading the book first. I can't wait and unlike Twilight, they actually have decent actors to work with.

    I tagged you on my blog too!

  6. Ron - I'm glad your family liked it!

    Dianne - yeah, the shaky camera work was maybe the one thing that I didn't like, mostly because that kind of thing makes me feel a little nauseated.

    Colin - I agree with EVERYTHING you just said. I thought the movie (and Lawrence) were both wonderful! Excellent excellent review :)

    Marsha - I feel your pain. You MUST see it soon. It really was terrific in my opinion!

  7. Holy crap. 2 1/2 hours?? Was it really that long? I could have sworn it was only an hour. Seriously.

    P.s. Haters suck. As we were coming out of the theatre, I heard some moron comment "Yeah, it was good, I guess. But not great." I almost punched his paunchy gut right then and there. WTF??? (The fact that I ACTUALLY used a text abbreviation there should speak volumes to my level of animosity towards said moron...)

  8. Much like the fiend with the paunchy gut at Julie's viewing of The Hunger Games, I thought the movie was good, but not great. I thought they flew through the first part of the story (everything leading up to the actual hunger games) and only told that part of the story.

    Another thing is that I don't think the love story was very well developed. It was almost like something you'd see on a comedy show. Peeta and Katniss would have a tender moment, and without fail, they'd cut to a shot of Gale with a blank look on his face. I know how the story plays out, but I still couldn't help but be struck by how awkward the whole thing was.

    So to clarify, I didn't hate it, and I didn't even dislike it. I enjoyed the movie, I just didn't think it was as great as Star Trek or The Muppets.

  9. Jules - Agreed. Haters suck. But as my friend says, haters gonna hate, and we must just rise above it. Or stomp on them, one or the other.

    Andy - I respect your choice of The Muppets, but even a sci-fi nerd like me wouldn't agree that Star Trek was better.

  10. I enjoyed the it when it came out. I was discouraged to learn it was planned as a trilogy so I walked away. Finally read the last two last year and was mostly pleased.

    My teaching partner went to see the movie and was underwhelmed....still on my list to see!

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