Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Mobile Library

It's been a very, very, very long week. Because for my husband and I, it's moving week. Ugh. And let me just say, I hate moving. I've hated moving ever since college and the exhausting ritual of relocating to a new dorm room every blessed year. But this move has been particularly brutal because, for the first time in my life, I'm moving for two. And let me tell you, my husband has a lot of stuff. 

Now, that being said, I will admit that I might have my fair share of stuff as well. And in particular, I have a lot -- and I mean a serious lot -- of books. I learned during those many college moves that the best way to deal with transporting the vast quantity of exceedingly heavy tomes was wheelie suitcases. The problem then becomes one of housing. As my collection has outgrown my current shelving, my husband very gallantly went out to procure some bookshelves for me. And this is how it went:

Me building the shelves . . .

Me insisting that there would be shelf space left over for knick knacks . . .

The moment I started wondering if I might be wrong . . .

The clear-cut proof that I was, in fact wrong. There was no extra room. . . 
[Note: That top right section is reserved for my Harry Potter 
books which I lent out to a friend prior to moving]
I'd also like to note that a fair amount of my collection still lives at my parents house. My dream is to one day own a house with a library that looks a little something like this: 

I can't be the only one who feels this way, am I right? But my friend suggested that, after seeing the amount of work it took to transport my entire collection, I might want to look into something more like this:
But I fear that while I might indulge in the occasional e-book from time to time, I will always prefer the real thing. My wheeling suitcase full of books is as mobil as my library will ever be. I'll continue to cart them from place to place until my Beauty and the Beast Library fantasy is finally fulfilled. 

Anyway, hopefully we'll be done soon so I can stop packing/hauling and start reading. Wish us luck!


  1. I hate moving.
    Each time we've moved, my wife has made me get rid of huge amounts of my books. I think I may be down to a third of what I used to have, and it's still more than what you have in the picture. I've been working on not acquiring too many more. It's too hard to get rid of them.

  2. Yeah I found that during my last move I had so many books and not enough bookcases and I keep buying more but mine are also stacked double and triple to fit!

  3. It's been a while since we moved. It would scare me now to do it.
    Would you believe we have more books than that? They're spread out over eight or so bookshelves, scattered throughout the house. However, the boxes of books in the closets have slowly vanished as I've gotten rid of them.

  4. I've already made the switch to ebooks, and enjoy carrying my entire library of books with me at all times. This includes all seven Harry Potter books of course, not to mention every single book published by the likes of Stephen King, Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick. :)

  5. I've moved so many times in the last few years, I've sadly gotten rid of most of my book collection. And then gained a huge electronic one. But once I'm settled I'll start rebuilding it with my favorite reads.

  6. I knew your books wouldnt fit as soon as I saw the four-shelf unit. Bookcases are so hard to find these days. Ones that actually take books, crammed in, and without costing the earth. I did the unthinkable and trimmed my book collection last time I moved, seven years ago. I wish I hadn't. I've just ordered a new bookcase to cope with the piles that are sitting around in stacks in my living room. The kindle can go in beside them :)

    Happy new living space!

  7. You never read Bridge to Neverland? Yeah, moving stinks.

  8. I've got a pretty huge series of bookshelves too, all full. I think its a lot like a city with a traffic problem, they keep adding more lanes, but the traffic immediately fills that extra space. I can't get into ebooks either, they feel too... ephemeral. I purchased several B&N ebooks, and lost them when they changed to the nook. I think I was able to redownload them, but it shook me. And the fact that I have to keep my ibooks and nook books, and kindle books, all separate bugs me. No, I'll stay with real books thankyouverymuch.

  9. Oh I feel for you. I have an entire library. It covers all 4 walls from floor to ceiling and some are big table books as I love art and film. I would be scared out of my gourd if I had to move. I am glad you still have a nice amount of actual books as I am not one for the kindle or whatever:)