Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Howl-Fest: WINNER

With the dawn of Halloween, so too comes the end of this year's Halloween Howl-Fest. It's been a real blast. And now, for the last and final time, here's how the bracket shaped up. Are you interested to know which film was the winner? Take a look . . . 

That's right! The winner was the 1984 hit, Ghostbusters. Surprised? Excited? I know I was. Ghostbusters has long been one of my favorite movies. And after several weeks of voting, has proved itself Halloween Howl-Fest champion. Three cheers (or should I say howls?) for Ghostbusters!

However, I have to admit, as much as I love Ghostbusters (who couldn't love a movie with such sage advice as "When someone asks if you're a god, you say YES."), I have to admit that there was one other movie I really thought would win. And according to your responses, some of you felt the same way. So my friend Andy suggested that I might consider having a Zombie Champion, aka. a movie cut in one of the earlier rounds that "rose from the dead". . . so to speak. 

Needless to say, it's an idea I felt more than appropriate for this event. So I went through all your comments (from ALL the Howl-Fest posts since the very beginning), and found that there were two movies in particular that people felt were unfairly killed off. And how fortuitous, one of them happens to be my absolute favorite Halloween movie. Want to know witch, I mean which, films win the title of Zombie Champion? 

And what a coincidence; both films are about nemeses that rose from the dead. The perfect Halloween Howl Fest: Zombie Champions. 

Well, I hope you've all enjoyed my Halloween Howl-Fest. I certainty have. And a big thank you to EVERYONE who voted, and in particular to those who voted round, after round, after round. I loved hearing your comments and learning more about everyone's spooky movie taste.  

Oh, and one more thing . . . HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


  1. Yay for Ghostbusters - and I love the resurrected champions, too! I definitely have a soft spot for Horror/Comedy! Have a very Happy Halloween!

  2. For a Halloween movie - yes, Ghostbusters over Harry Potter! Besides, who can't recite that movie line by line?
    Yes, Zombieland! Funniest zombie movie ever.

  3. Happy Halloween!

    There were many more movies that I'd consider more appropriate for "Best Halloween Movie", but I do love Ghostbusters. Still... it's kinda like having Caddyshack voted "Best Sports Movie".

  4. Happy Halloween! Hocus Pocus is such a classic. Glad to see it got to survive as a Zombie Champion!

  5. Ghostbusters is a worthy champion. I should totally watch it tonight. I won't, but I should.

  6. Well, I'm very late to this and definitely missed the end of the voting, but I'm thrilled to find out that Ghostbusters won.

    Hope you had a great Halloween!

  7. Ghostbusters! Yes! And right on the heals of the news that Emma Stone and Jonah Hill "might" sign on for a sequel. :)

  8. I know I'm late, it's been kind of a rough month so far. Glad Ghostbusters won, as much as I love Harry Potter.