Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group

It's that time again . . . the first Wednesday of the month means Insecure Writer's Support Group

That's right, it's time to discuss my writing insecurities, which frankly, are legion.
  • I'm working on the zillionth round of edits for the SAME book and wondering will it ever end
  • My agent asked me to change my title (for the third time)
  • I keep reading books that make me feel inadequate
  • I'm worried I'll never get published 
  • And my personal favorite, even if I do get my book published, what if no one bothers to read it? 

Sigh. And those were just my Top 5. 

I was thinking of all the tools writers use to help them in their efforts to write the perfect novel. Critique partners, writing courses, seminars, Save the Cat books, heavy drinking . . . uh, just kidding. And then I stumbled across this on

One super expensive Liberal Arts degree and four years of struggling to perfect my novel, and someone finally tells me.  


  1. Ha! That's pretty funny, and true enough to scare me a little.

    The good thing about writing is you always know that the things you're worried about are the things that everyone else struggles with too, so no matter what's going on you know you're not alone. I can't tell you how many books I've read that made me feel inadequate, and I wonder every day if the time I spend writing isn't just a complete waste.

  2. Bwa, ha, ha! That is pretty funny!

    Don't let those worries weigh you down too much, and don't dismiss the heavy drinking. (Just kidding.)

    Keep polishing that novel, and don't forget to start planning another one. As long as I have another book in my head, I don't worry so much about the ones that are out there, looking for a home.

  3. I could have written your list of insecurities, except for the part about having an agent.

    I love the "How to write an epic story" guide. Boy, what a time saver that would've been if I had only known of it sooner. =)

  4. I almost sent you that picture the other day when I saw it. Your book will one day join those photos. Without being cliche.

  5. OMG. Now I have something else to be paranoid about.

  6. I love that!! Hilarious! And I'm right there with you on edits, and I think I might be there for quite a while longer. Sigh.

  7. LOL! But there's plenty of other forms of good novels too. And I'd much prefer to have a young female protagonist. ^_~

  8. I'd mention I read books that make me feel inadequate as well, but I'm too busy adding an old, wise, and bearded mentor to my story.